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Proposal For Star West Petroleum

Star West Petroleum’s website helps position them as a leader within the fuel and lubricant products field. In order to increase performance, as well as a return on Star West Petroleum’s investment, requires ongoing SEO and Content Marketing.

This proposal is aimed at providing ongoing SEO marketing and wordpress support to

Ongoing Website Care

1. Security monitoring for any issues within Wordpress, to ensure your website is not at risk for hacking.

2. Performance maintenance to optimize page load times, critical for SEO results.

3. Renewal of SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to ensure website is secure.

4. Weekly website backups, Wordpress updates, and SPAM removal.


Ongoing SEO Plan

1. Initial audit and review of website
This stage identifies all website problems and a baseline in which to measure future SEO efforts.

2. Ensure setup of Google & Bing search consoles
These powerful tools are designed to ensure your website is submitted to search engines as well as track what keywords bring in the most visitors.

3. Continual monitoring and maintenance of search Crawl Errors
As search engines explore your website, they may run into trouble. If a page cannot be ‘crawled’ it will not rank within search results.

5. On-Page SEO implementation
Optimizing the content on each page of your website to ensure search engines can easily navigate. This consist of integrating target keywords within the content, headlines, image file names, alt tags, page title tags and descriptions.

6. Technical SEO optimization
Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, Canonicalize all pages, implement proper Structured Data Markup, HTTPS statuses, etc.

7. Monitor and correct broken links
Any broken link on a website can have a horrible impact on your SEO.

3. Identify popular content within your industry
Search engines love content and if you wish to rank higher in Google you’ll need to produce great content. Finding what potential customers are searching for and reading will open doors for us to improve upon and create ‘even better’ content for your website.


$5,500 Per Year, Based Off 3 Year Agreement

Ongoing hosting and website maintenance. along with SEO optimization and content marketing consultation. $1500 is require for first to months followed by $441.18 for remaining 34 months.

A 6 month notice is required for cancelation.

Hourly website work is available upon request at the rate of $50 per hour. This can be used for image changes, content implementation or creation of new content within the current website. All updates pertaining to the website and SEO are included within the yearly rate.